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Haq sheds a light on those who fell through the cracks during the 15 year post-911 interrogations that resulted not with crucial military intelligence, but the unwarranted torture of many innocents. The film centers on a Pakistani father and son, whose final moment together shoots ripples of violence a decade into the future. This is an eye-opening tale about how inheriting the burdens of our forefathers truly shapes the world we create for ourselves.

At its core, Haq is about making one of the hardest choices in one’s lifetime—choosing between forgiveness (wholeness) and between revenge and hatred. This film expresses how choosing revenge will only “turn the wheel” that has been spinning for a thousands of years, igniting new generations to take on these burdens. Allowed to continue, this cycle of conditioned hatred will ensnare each new generation, stifling the possibility of coexistence. This film is about the possibility of coexistence, and realizing that we help create our own “enemies”.